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Course No.Course TitleEq. Hours*Prerequisites
LM101 (free) How to take one of our courses   none
LM103 (free) How to post your resume   none
LM104 (free) Your Training Record   LM103
LM105 (free) Designating Employers   none

Antenna Theory and Techniques

Course No.Course TitleEq. Hours*Prerequisites
ANT120 The Friis Transmission Equation  1 EE103
RADAR103 The Radar Equation  2 RADAR100 EE103
MEAS404 Introduction to Antenna Measurement Concepts  3 MEAS101 EE104 MATH110
MEAS450 Basic Far-Field Antenna Measurement  5 MEAS404
MEAS451 Anechoic Chamber, Near-Field and Outdoor Ranges  2 MEAS450
MEAS452 Gain Extrapolation Antenna Measurements  1 MEAS451
MEAS453 Planar Near-Field Antenna Measurements  4 MEAS404
ANT210 Introduction to Phased Arrays  3 MEAS404

Calibration Lab Practice

Course No.Course TitleEq. Hours*Prerequisites
CLP100 (free) Introduction to Laboratory Standards  0.5 none
CLP101 Calibration Intervals  2 CLP100
CLP103 Calibration Procedures  3 CLP100
CLP300 Calibration Lab Personnel Roles and Responsibilities  1 CLP100

Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Course No.Course TitleEq. Hours*Prerequisites
EE101 (free) Basic DC Circuit Theory  5 Understanding of Algebra
EE102 Basic AC Circuit Theory  5 EE101
EE103 Introduction to the decibel (dB)  1 none
EE104 Introduction to RF/Microwave concepts  5 EE101 EE102 EE103 MATH110
EE106 Introduction to Digital Circuit Elements  3 none
EE111 Introduction to Semiconductor Devices  3 EE102
EE115 Introduction to Signals and Modulation  5 none
EE121 Intermediate DC Circuit Theory  5 EE101, MATH120
EE122 Impedance and Admittance Concepts  8 EE102 EE121 MATH110 MATH120 UNC210
EE201 Introduction to the Smith Chart  8 EE104 EE122
EE202 Impedance Matching with the Smith Chart  8 EE201
EE400 Introduction to EMC/EMI  2 MEAS110 EE104
EE410 Grounding and Shielding in a Laboratory Environment  5 EE400

Electrostatic Discharge

Course No.Course TitleEq. Hours*Prerequisites
ESD101 Introduction to ESD Protective Measures  2 none


Course No.Course TitleEq. Hours*Prerequisites
GEOD100 Introduction to Geodesy  2 MEAS103 PHYS51 MEAS150


Course No.Course TitleEq. Hours*Prerequisites
INST150 Introduction to the Thermal Voltage Converter (Low Frequency)  1 MEAS201
INST151 RF Thermal Voltage Converters and Micropotentiometers  1 INST150 EE104
INST200 (free) Introduction to the Oscilloscope  3 EE102 MEAS101
INST201 Introduction to the Spectrum Analyzer  4 INST200 EE103 MEAS102
INST202 Introduction to the Vector Network Analyzer  4 EE104 INST201
INST250 Oscilloscope Probes  1 INST200
INST301 Introduction to Linear Dimensional Measurement Instrumentation I  3 MEAS101 MEAS103
INST350 Introduction to the Platinum Resistance Thermometer  2 MEAS140
INST351 Introduction to the Thermocouple  1 MEAS140
INST400 RF and Microwave Devices and Instrumentation  2 EE104
INST401 Passive Waveguide Components  2 INST400
INST402 RF and Microwave Attenuators  2 INST400
INST403 Circulators, Isolators, and Directional Couplers  3 INST400
INST404 Amplifier Types and Specifications  4 EE103, INST400
INST405 RF and Microwave Power Measurement Devices  2 INST402, INST403
INST406 Introduction to the RF Mixer  2 EE102 INST400

Lean Six Sigma

Course No.Course TitleEq. Hours*Prerequisites
L6S101 Introduction to Statistics  2 Understanding of Algebra
L6S102 Introduction to Probability  2 L6S101
L6S109 (free) Muda - Introduction to the Eight Types of Waste  1 none


Course No.Course TitleEq. Hours*Prerequisites
MATH009 Review of Basic Mathematics  5 none
MATH011 Algebra - Variables, Polynomials, and Equations  1 MATH10
MATH015 Algebra - Linear Equations  1 MATH014
MATH017 Algebra - Quadratic Equations  2 MATH015
MATH041 Trigonometry - Triangulation  2 MATH040
MATH50 Applied Math for Calibration Technicians  4 none
MATH51 Applied Statistics for Calibration Technicians  5 MATH50
MATH104 Introduction to Coordinate Systems  3 Understanding of Algebra
MATH110 (free) Introduction to Complex Arithmetic  5 Understanding of Algebra/Trig
MATH119 Functions, Limits, and Continuity  5 Understanding of Algebra
MATH120 Differential Calculus for Measurement  5 MATH119
MATH121 Sequences, Limits, and Series  5 MATH120
MATH200 Introduction to Differential Equations  2 MATH126
MATH201 First Order Differential Equations  5 MATH200
MATH202 Applications of First Order ODEs  2 MATH201
MATH230 Least Squares Line Fits  3 MATH51 MATH120


Course No.Course TitleEq. Hours*Prerequisites
MEAS101 (free) Introduction to Measurement Concepts  1 none
MEAS102 SI Units - The second  3 MEAS101
MEAS103 SI Units - The meter  3 MEAS102
MEAS104 SI Units - The kilogram  3 MEAS103
MEAS105 SI Units - The Ampere  3 MEAS104
MEAS106 SI Units - The Kelvin  2 MEAS105
MEAS107 SI Units - The mole  1 MEAS104
MEAS108 SI Units - The candela  1 MEAS103
MEAS109 Fundamental Constants in Metrology  2 MEAS108
MEAS110 Basic Measurement Concepts  2 MEAS101 MATH50
MEAS111 Inspection, Measurement, and Test Equipment (IM&TE) specifications  3 MEAS110, UNC101, MATH50
MEAS112 Presentation of Measurement Data  2 MEAS110, UNC101
MEAS120 Basic DC Measurements  5 EE101 MEAS101
MEAS140 Introduction to Temperature Measurement  4 MEAS111, MEAS104
MEAS141 Introduction to Humidity Measurement  4 MEAS140, MEAS111
MEAS150 Introduction to Angular Measurement  2 none
MEAS201 Basic AC Measurement  2 EE102 MEAS110 MATH110
MEAS250 Introduction to Radiometry  5 MEAS110 MATH120
MEAS251 Introduction to Photometry  3 MEAS250
MEAS252 Introduction to Photonics  2 MEAS251
MEAS253 Measurement of Ionizing Radiation  2 MEAS252
MEAS272 Introduction to Torque Measurement  2 MEAS271
MEAS275 Introduction to Hardness Measurement  5 MEAS110
MEAS280 Introduction to Pressure Measurement  1 MEAS271
MEAS301 Basic Time and Frequency Measurement  5 MEAS102 MEAS110
MEAS401 Basic RF and Microwave Power Measurement  2 EE104
MEAS403 Basic RF and Microwave Noise Measurement  2 EE104 MEAS101
MEAS404 Introduction to Antenna Measurement Concepts  3 MEAS101 EE104 MATH110
MEAS410 Introduction to AM and Phase Noise Measurement  3 EE104 MEAS102 MEAS403
MEAS420 Linearity Measurements - DC to Daylight  3 INST400 EE104
MEAS450 Basic Far-Field Antenna Measurement  5 MEAS404
MEAS451 Anechoic Chamber, Near-Field and Outdoor Ranges  2 MEAS450
MEAS452 Gain Extrapolation Antenna Measurements  1 MEAS451
MEAS453 Planar Near-Field Antenna Measurements  4 MEAS404
MEAS460 Introduction to MIL-STD-461 CE Measurements  2 MEAS404 EE400
MEAS461 Introduction to MIL-STD-461 RE Measurements  2 MEAS460
MEAS462 Introduction to MIL-STD-461 CS Measurements  2 MEAS460
MEAS463 Introduction to MIL-STD-461 RS Measurements  2 MEAS462

Open Source Software

Course No.Course TitleEq. Hours*Prerequisites
FINK101 Introduction to fink for OS X  2 none
GCC101 The gcc Compiler  2 none
OCTAVE100 Introduction to Octave  3 none
XMGRACE101 Introduction to xmgrace  3 Installed X software


Course No.Course TitleEq. Hours*Prerequisites
PHYS50 Introduction to Vectors  5 none
PHYS51 Introduction to Position, Velocity, and Acceleration  5 PHYS50
PHYS52 Introduction to Force, Momentum, Work, and Energy  5 PHYS51
PHYS53 Introduction to Angle, Angular Velocity, and Angular Acceleration  5 PHYS52
PHYS54 Introduction to Torque, Angular Momentum, and Rotational Energy  5 PHYS53
PHYS160 Thermodynamics - The Laws of Thermodynamics  5 PHYS54


Course No.Course TitleEq. Hours*Prerequisites
CPROG101 Introduction to the C programing language  5 GCC101
OCTAVE100 Introduction to Octave  3 none
PERL101 Introduction to Perl  3 none
PERL102 Basic Perl and CGI  3 PERL101
PERL103 Perl, Forms, and CGI  3 PERL102, WWW103

Quality Control

Course No.Course TitleEq. Hours*Prerequisites
QUAL103 The ASQ Code of Ethics  1 none
QUAL150 (free) Quality Control Tools I  1 none
QUAL151 QC Tools - Cause and Effects Diagrams  1 QUAL150
QUAL152 QC Tools - Flowcharts and Process Maps  1 QUAL150
QUAL153 QC Tools - Check Sheets  1 QUAL150
QUAL154 QC Tools - Histograms  1 QUAL153
QUAL155 QC Tools - Scatter Diagrams  1 QUAL150
QUAL156 QC Tools - Control Charts  1 QUAL155
QUAL157 QC Tools - Pareto Diagrams  1 QUAL154


Course No.Course TitleEq. Hours*Prerequisites
RADAR100 Introduction to Radar  3 none
RADAR101 Radar Displays  1 RADAR100
RADAR103 The Radar Equation  2 RADAR100 EE103


Course No.Course TitleEq. Hours*Prerequisites
SAF000 Basic Workplace Safety  0.5 none
SAF100 Hazard Communication  1 none
SAF101 Housekeeping  1 none

Technical Writing and Communication

Course No.Course TitleEq. Hours*Prerequisites
TW100 Introduction to Technical Writing and Communication  2 none
TW101 Writing of Technical Reports  1 TW100

Uncertainty Analysis

Course No.Course TitleEq. Hours*Prerequisites
UNC101 Introduction to Uncertainty Concepts  2 MEAS101
UNC102 Basic Uncertainty Analysis  5 UNC101
UNC103 Intermediate Uncertainty Analysis  3 UNC102 MATH120
UNC210 Uncertainty Analysis of Complex-Valued Measurands  2 UNC102 MATH110
UNC401 Advanced Uncertainty Analysis  3 UNC103

World Wide Web

Course No.Course TitleEq. Hours*Prerequisites
WWW101 (free) Creating a Web Presence  1 none
WWW102 Basic HTML  2 none
WWW103 Introduction to CSS  2 WWW102
WWW104 Intermediate HTML  3 WWW102 WWW103

* Equivalent hours are the equivalent classroom hours. Same as CEU (continuing education units), RU (Recertification units), and PDH (personal development hours).

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