OCTAVE100 - Introduction to Octave

This course is a basic introduction to the open source program Octave. Octave is basically a Matlab clone, a program that is very popular in engineering, and the ability to program in Matlab is a useful thing to have on your resume.

Although this course is about Octave, except for the section on how to install Octave, it is equally applicable to Matlab. So for those of you interested in learning the basics of Matlab, this course will meet your needs as well. If you can't afford to purchase Matlab, downloading Octave and using it will be a good way to learn basic Matlab skills until you can afford Matlab for your own use. Octave also can be a good alternative to Matlab for a small company or individuals.

This course assumes that you have some basic computer skills, namely the ability to navigate the file system on your computer, and the ability to create text files with a simple text editor.

The course outline for this course is as follows:

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