LearningMeasure.com Program Catalog

Programs at LearningMeasure.com are collections of courses that concern a particular topic.When registering for a program, one is automatically signed up for all courses associated with that program. Below is a listing of all LearningMeasure.com programs, the available programs will be changing with time, so check back often.

Click on the program number to see a detailed description of each program and registration instructions, or go to the course catalog to see full list of courses.

Free Program

Prog No.Program TitleComment
FREE001 Free Trial Program This program is a collection of all the free courses on LearningMeasure.com. It is meant to show how programs work, and can be taken without subscribing to the service.

Measurement Programs

Prog No.Program TitleComment
PANT101 Basic Antenna Measurement Program This program covers concepts associated with basic antenna measurements.
PMEAS101 Basic Measurement Concepts Program This program introduces basic measurement concepts, the SI system of units, and measurement uncertainty analysis.
PRF101 Basic RF and Microwave Program This is an introductory program covering the RF and microwave measurement field
EMI101 MIL-STD-461 EMI/EMC Measurement Program This program contains a basic introduction to MIL-STD-461 measurement.

Metrology Programs

Prog No.Program TitleComment
PASQCCT The ASQ CCT Exam Preparation Program This program contains courses that cover all aspects of the ASQ Certified Calibration Technician exam body of knowledge.
PUNC The Uncertainty Analysis Program This program covers all the courses concerning uncertainty and uncertainty analysis.

Computer Programming Programs

Prog No.Program TitleComment
PPERL The Perl Programming Language This program contains courses for learning the Perl programming language.