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This is the page where you can register for one or more of our account types. You can register as a student, an employer, an educator, and/or a consultant. Below are description of our various account types, as well as a link where you can register for each type of account.

Student Account

A student account is required in order to take any of our courses. It is also required if you wish to register as a consultant. This type of account gives access to all the course materials, and is required to access the forums, and certain resources on the site. More information...

[Register as a Student]

Employer Account

This type of account is for employers who wish to use our training or consulting services. When you register as an employer you can designate which students are your employees so that you can see their resumes and training records. You can add entries to your employees records. You can post jobs, search student resumes, request consultant services, and much more. More information...

[Register as an Employer]

Consultant Account

A consultant account is required if you wish to be part of our consultant network. As a consultant you will be able to bid on posted jobs, get referrals for jobs in your area of expertise, and possibly be asked to develop content for You must first register as a student if you wish to become a member of our consultant network. More information...

[Register as a Consultant]

Educator Account

An educator account is required if you want to use our content in your course. When you register as an educator, you can use our resources for your classes, view the progress of the students in your class, and have custom material developed for your classes on request, as well as other benefits. More information...

[Register as an Educator]
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