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An Employer Account on LearningMeasure.com allows you as an employer to:

One advantage of registering as an employer is that training courses can be developed that can only be taken by your designated employees, so that in-house training needs can be addressed. The cost of the development of these individualized courses depends on the scope.

If a particular training course is desired from an employer that would be widely applicable to our customers, and the employer agrees to give up their rights to the training material developed, there will be no cost to the employer associated with the development of the requested course.

There is no cost for establishing an employer membership. There will be a per-student cost for each student account maintained ($60/year/student), and the employer account will remain free as long as there is at least one student subscription associated with it. There also will be costs associated with developing custom training courses that will be company-specific. That cost will depend on the scope of the development.