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Student Account Information

To take any of our online training courses, you must first register for a student account. Registration allows you to access the student site. The LearningMeasure.com student site is a subscription service, so for $5(US)/month or $60(US)/year all online training courses will be accessible.

The student area is where you access the training courses. We develop training courses in fundamentals like physics, engineering, and mathematics, as well as measurement and metrology related courses on topics such as measurement, instrumentation and uncertainty analysis. We also develop courses that are of more of a support nature such as web development, and computer programming.

In addition we offer employer-specific training. If your employer works with us to develop training tailored to your company's needs, and you have designated your company as your employer, you will have access to course materials that are available from your employer.

In addition to the online training courses, the student site is where you can post your resume for others to see. Attached to your resume will be your training record, which contains anything you, your designated employer(s), and your designated educator(s) place on it, plus any LearningMeasure.com courses you have completed. These records are searchable by those with employer and educator accounts.

You must have a student account to access the technical forums, which are part of the student site, although your account does not need to be current to access the forums.

From the student site, you can look at posted job openings from any of our employer or educator users and respond.

Educator and employer request for bids from consultants are accessible from the student site. Here would be listings of individual tasks requested from the consultant community, along with a desired maximum bid. From the student area you can reply with your own bid.

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