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More information... provides training and consulting services to businesses and individuals in several technical areas through our network of consultants. Our emphasis is on metrology, measurement and test, but other technical areas are included in the available training.

  • Lifelong learning provided by can be used to maintain your edge above the competition, or to help develop new skills that may help in your job search. All completed courses are all part of your online resume, which can be reviewed by a potential employer.

  • If you are new to measurement science, or to a particular field of measurement or metrology, we can provide some of the background required to function in your new job.

  • If you are a seasoned professional, our courses can be used to refresh your skills when given a new assignment, or if it has been awhile since visiting a particular topic required in your current assignment.

  • Students and researchers can use the provided material to assist with your academic pursuits, especially if measurement is involved.

  • For educators, course material can be easily used as an online textbook or supplementary material for your educational institution.

  • For employers, we can provide for your continuing education needs, and develop your workforce.

Courses and Programs

[Course Catalog]
Courses - Check out the course catalog for more details on the online courses we offer. Our courses are designed to cover roughly what would be considered one to three chapters in a traditional textbook.

[Program Catalog]
Programs - We also offer what we call "Programs", which are collections of courses on a given topic which one can register for all at once. Check out our program catalog for more information.

[Suggest Course]
Suggest a Course - If you can't find a course on the topic you are interested in please suggest a course, so that we can determine what priorities to follow in course development. We take feedback very seriously, and many courses have been developed based on user requests. Help us to make this service better for all by voicing your needs.

Signing Up for Training

Please feel free to register as a student of this subscription-based training service. Everyone who registers for a student account receives access to approximately 10% of the available courses. These courses are marked "(free)" in the course catalog, or if you want to sign up for all the available free courses, register for the free course program, an eclectic collection of our free courses.

To access to all of the available courses and features requires a 1 year subscription billed at the rate of $5(US)/month or $60(US)/year.

More information...

[Register as a Student]

Types of Accounts

[Student Accounts]
Student Accounts - This is the type of account you need to take our courses. It is recommended that even if you are going to choose one of the account types below, that you have at least one student account. A student account is $5/month or $60/year

[Employer Accounts]
Employer Accounts - If you are an employer, than you might want to consider an employer account. From an employer account you can create student accounts for your employees, for which you will receive an invoice. You will be able to assign courses with due dates and monitor progress. You can even create courses that will only be visible to you employees.

[Educator Accounts]
Educator Accounts - If you are an educator or training professional, and you wish to use material, this is the type of account you want. Similar to an employer account as in that you can create student accounts that you would be invoiced for. Assign courses with due dates and monitor course progress. You also can create your own custom material that can be accessed by your students.

[Consultants Accounts]
Consultant Accounts - If you provide consulting services that may be of use to our customers, this is the type of account you need. From this account one can bid on posted tasks, you will be listed in the consultant gallery, and given opportunities for jobs from time to time. To get a consultant account, one must first have a valid student account.

Consulting Services

We can provide technical consulting services through our network of independent consultants in a variety of areas. For more general information about what types of services we can provide see our About Us page. - The blog and video podcast of

[] is the video podcast associated with Each episode will cover one science or engineering related topic determined by you, the viewer. The podcast will also be used to announce anything happening at such as new courses or features.

Technical Forums

The technical forums require a student account to access, but do not require that your account is current.

The forums have:

  • Message boards for each course
  • Areas to discuss technical topics
  • General discussion areas

This is the area where our customers can interact with each other and with

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