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David Archer, owner
David Archer

LearningMeasure.com was started by its owner David Archer, because of his experience with new engineers and technicians who required more training beyond that provided by colleges and universities to be productive in the precision measurement field. Basic technical subjects are covered that any engineer or technician should benefit from. Our business was built in order to address that need, and has expanded beyond its original intent by providing training and consulting services in related technical fields.

DUNS Number: 189663649

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Our Training Services

The courses available on the LearningMeasure.com course catalog are are divided into several different technical categories. The courses are at various levels of technical content, with many requiring as a minimum understanding of basic algebra. Some of the topics covered are:

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Instrumentation
  • Six Sigma
  • Mathematics
  • Measurement
  • Physics
  • Programming
  • Quality
  • Radar
  • Uncertainty
  • Web Development

When you sign up as a student you will be given one week to experience our online services for free. A student subscription of $5.00/month gives access to all our online course content, as well as other selected content and services. If you want to use LearningMeasure.com services for more than a week, you must either request to become a content developer, or pay the subscription fee. We will take services in lieu of payment, contact us with your proposal.

Upon successful completion of a course, an entry is made on your online training record, which is part of your online resume. This can be used to show your current or potential employers what training has been completed at LearningMeasure.com. You can input your own resume, education, and other training as well. Employers who have employer accounts can also view course completion information for their employees, as well as assign training with specific due dates.

Most of our other online content is available for free, although some content requires student registration for access, even if you don't subscribe. Content available includes technical forums, technical articles, reference material, calculators, and much more.

To request more information, email info@learningmeasure.com or use our contact page.

Benefits of Our Online Training Services

Benefits to Individuals:

  • On-line training and educational opportunities
  • The ability to
    • post your resume for potential employers
    • search for jobs posted here and elsewhere
    • bid on consulting opportunities
  • On line chat, message boards, and collaboration with peers

Benefits to Employers:

  • The least expensive training of this type anywhere
  • Can be used with existing training resources or as stand-alone training.
  • Custom coursework specific to your company can be developed
  • The ability to
    • monitor your employees training records
    • search our resume database
    • review potential employee training records
    • post job openings and view responses
    • requests bids on individual projects from our consultant network

Benefits to Educators:

  • Our courses can be utilized as course material, just like a textbook
  • We can provide detailed records on each student's progress

To request more information, email info@learningmeasure.com or use our contact page.

Our Consulting Services

LearningMeasure.com has few employees, rather it primarily consists of a network of independent contractor consultants who share a common vision to provide these services. We provide consulting and training services in those areas covered by our subject matter experts in our consulting network.

The following consulting services are available to our customers through our network of professionals:

  • Training - In addition to our existing courses, we have the capability to provide custom training aligned to your mission, which can range from on-line to in-house training at various levels of technical complexity.
  • Systems Engineering - We will take vague statements of customer need and convert them to meaningful objectives, requirements, and deliverables - and document the results. From this we can create system architectures and flowdown ready for implementation.
  • Test Development and Analysis - From the development of test plans and procedures, to the development of specialized test systems, to analysis of the results, we will help with your measurement needs.
  • Measurement and Metrology Consulting Services - For precision measurement, we are familiar with the international standards, such as ISO 17025, and standard metrology practice.
  • Electromagnetic Measurement and Modeling - From developing custom codes, modeling with commercial packages, to measurement, to analysis of electromagnetic measurements - we create customized solutions to your electromagnetic problems.
  • Other Modeling and Simulation Services - Let us know what your needs are, and we will meet them.
  • RF and Microwave Measurement and Engineering - From antenna measurement, EMC/EMI, and measurement of RF and microwave parameters, we offer measurement and engineering expertise.
  • Uncertainty Analysis - We can provide detailed uncertainty analysis of your measurement systems.
  • Algorithm Development - From signal processing to measurement algorithms, we provide development capability for specialized algorithms.
  • Technical Investigations - We provide technical investigative services such as investigation of anomalies, research of technical solutions, information required for a proposal, or analysis of a complex interactions.
  • Technical Reviews - We provide an impartial viewpoint for your technical reviews, such as requirements reviews, preliminary design reviews, and comprehensive design reviews.
  • Quality and Six Sigma - We are able to support your quality or six sigma efforts.
  • Software Development - We provide technical software development in C, C++, Perl, Fortran, Pascal, and other languages on many operating systems.
  • Web Development - Not our primary service, but can be provided in conjunction with other efforts.

The terms of a particular engagement will depend on the complexity of the task, and will be mutually agreed to before any work is performed.

To request more information, email info@learningmeasure.com or use our contact page.

Mission Statement

To provide training and consulting services to businesses and individuals in technical fields in an environmentally responsible manner by establishing: a network of independent technical consultants in a wide range of technical fields; the infrastructure required to provide our services with minimal travel and commuting; and on-line opportunities for training, collaboration, and business development for our customers and member consultants.

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