Training Record Policy

As soon as you are registered with, a training record for you is created. Whenever you pass a course with a score of greater than 80%, an indication that you passed the course, and the date you passed, will be entered onto your training record. Your actual score will not be recorded, nor courses you do not pass. You can not edit this information. You can enter any other information you want on the training record such as degrees, other training, any thing you want. If you designate an employer and/or educator, they will also be able to add to your training record. You will not be able to edit this information, however, you will be able to designate that this information not be shown to the public.

Your training record, except for the information you can designate as private, will be accessible to the world as part of your resume. If you have no identifying information in your resume, or that you entered in your training record, it will not be available to others. That is your responsibility.