Electrical Engineering Symbols

The following is a list compilation of schematic diagram symbols. This is not a comprehensive set of symbols, and will grow with time. These images are 50 x 50 pixel images, and can be used for free on a website as long as a link is provided back to http://www.learningmeasure.com somewhere on your website. These images can also be used in text documents, provided the text document contains the same reference.

AND Gate AND Gate
Ammeter ammeter1 ammeter2
Band Pass Filter Band Pass Filter
Battery battery1 battery2 battery3 battery4
Case Ground case ground
Capacitor capacitor1 capacitor2 capacitor3 capacitor4 capacitor5 capacitor6
Variable Capacitor capacitor1 capacitor2 capacitor3 capacitor4
Circulator circulator1 circulator2 circulator3 circulator4
Diode diode1 diode2 diode3 diode4
Ground ground
High Pass Filter high pass filter
Inductor resistor1 resistor2
Isolator isolator
Low Pass Filter Low Pass Filter
Mixer mixer
MOSFET mosfet a mosfet b mosget c mosfet d
N-Channel FET nfet1 nfet2 nfet3 nfet4
N-Channel MOSFET n-channel mosfet a n-channel mosfet b n-channel mosget c n-channel mosfet d
NOR Gate NOR Gate
NOT Gate NOT Gate
Notch Filter Notch Filter
NPN Transistor npn1 npn2 npn3 npn4
OR Gate OR Gate
P-Channel FET pfet1 pfet2 pfet3 pfet4
P-Channel MOSFET p-channel mosfet a p-channel mosfet b p-channel mosget c p-channel mosfet d
PNP Transistor pnp1 pnp2 pnp3 pnp4
Potentiometer pot1 pot2 pot3 pot4
Resistor resistor1 resistor2
Signal Source Signal Source
Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) scr1 scr2 scr3 scr4
Tunnel Diode tunnel diode 1 tunnel diode 2 tunnel diode 3 tunnel diode 4
Variable Resistor varresistor1 varresistor2
Voltmeter voltmeter1 voltmeter2
XOR Gate XOR Gate
Zener Diode zener 1 zener 2 zener 3 zener 4