Dr. David Michael Archer


JT3 LLC - Las Vegas, Nevada
Scientist IV (Nov 2010 - Present)


Project engineer on a large project. Antenna and propagation modeling. Modeling of radar systems.

Raytheon - El Segundo, California

Principal Systems Engineer (Dec 2007 - Oct 2010)


System engineer for F-15 radar system antenna.  Duties included system modeling, requirements engineering, solving production problems, working with development of new modes.

JT3 LLC - Las Vegas, Nevada
Senior Engineer (Feb 2002 - Nov 2007)


As of Feb. 1, 2002, EG&G Special Projects, and a portion of the Raytheon company merged to become JT3 LLC. Assignments included electromagnetic simulation of a phase comparison monopulse radar interacting with various modelled antennas, simulation of coupling between antennas including terrain effects.

EG&G Special Projects - Las Vegas, Nevada
Senior Engineer (April 2000-Feb. 2002)


While waiting for a top secret clearance, duties assigned included preliminary design of a radar simulator, several coding projects, automation of network analyzer measurements using Agilent Vee, various assignments related to radar systems.

The Boeing Metrology Laboratory - Seattle, Washington
Metrology Engineer (1986-2000)




BS in Physics - 1986
University of Washington
Seattle, Washington

Masters in Physics - 2002
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Las Vegas, Nevada

Ph.D in Physics - 2006
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Las Vegas, Nevada


In addition to my formal education I have had training in the following subject material: Satellite Communications, Coding Theory, Near-field, Anechoic Chamber, and Compact Range Measurements, Antenna Arrays, Finite Element Methods, Electromagnetic Compatibility, RCS, High-Power Microwave, Java, C++, Pascal, UNIX, Structured Analysis, Systems Engineering, Time and Frequency, Avionics, RF Safety, Liquid Nitrogen Safety, HTML, TCP/IP and Networking, Fuzzy Logic, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and other subjects related to my job responsibilities.


Training Record

LearningMeasure.com Programs Completed

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Program No.Program Title
PUNCThe Uncertainty Analysis Program

LearningMeasure.com Courses Completed

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Course No.Course TitleLast CompletedEquivalent Hours
UNC101 Introduction to Uncertainty Concepts 12/7/20092
MATH110 Introduction to Complex Arithmetic 9/18/20065
EE101 Basic DC Circuit Theory 9/18/20065
WWW102 Basic HTML 8/3/20062
LM101 How to take one of our courses 7/15/20072
MEAS101 Introduction to Measurement Concepts 7/9/20071
MEAS102 SI Units - The second 3/2/20093
WWW103 Introduction to CSS 6/4/20082
INST200 Introduction to the Oscilloscope 9/18/20063
MEAS404 Introduction to Antenna Measurement Concepts 9/18/20063
EE102 Basic AC Circuit Theory 9/18/20065
EE103 Introduction to the decibel (dB) 9/18/20061
MEAS450 Basic Far-Field Antenna Measurement 9/26/20065
EE104 Introduction to RF/Microwave concepts 9/26/20065
WWW104 Intermediate HTML 10/20/20063
PERL101 Introduction to Perl 11/14/20063
PERL102 Basic Perl and CGI 11/15/20063
dmadance.M100 12/23/20073
GCC101 The gcc Compiler 3/12/20103
MEAS105 SI Units - The Ampere 3/12/20103
MATH51 Applied Statistics for Calibration Technicians 1/1/20115
MEAS110 Basic Measurement Concepts 1/1/20112
MEAS111 Inspection, Measurement, and Test Equipment (IM&TE) specifications 1/1/20113
UNC102 Basic Uncertainty Analysis 1/1/20115
UNC103 Intermediate Uncertainty Analysis 1/1/20113
UNC210 Uncertainty Analysis of Complex-Valued Measureands 1/1/20112
CLP100 Introduction to Laboratory Standards 7/2/20120.5
MATH230 Least Squares Line Fits 7/5/20123
QUAL151 QC Tools - Cause and Effects Diagrams 1/13/20131
MEAS103 SI Units - The meter 3/16/20143
MEAS104 SI Units - The kilogram 3/16/20143
MEAS106 SI Units - The Kelvin 3/16/20142
MEAS107 SI Units - The mole 3/16/20141
MEAS108 SI Units - The candela 3/16/20141
MEAS109 Fundamental Constants in Metrology 3/16/20142

Member Entered Training




B.S. PhysicsUniversity of WashingtonSeattle, WA1986
Masters in PhysicsUniversity of Nevada, Las VegasLas Vegas, NV2002
Ph.D. in PhysicsUniversity of Nevada, Las VegasLas Vegas, NV2006


B.S. PhysicsUniversity of WashingtonSeattle, WA1986
Masters in PhysicsUniversity of Nevada, Las VegasLas Vegas, NV2002
Ph.D. in PhysicsUniversity of Nevada, Las VegasLas Vegas, NV2006

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