How to take one of our courses

The purpose of this course it to show you how to take courses here at Specifically when finished with this course you should know:

It is recommended that you take this course first, before any other. It just gives the basics of how the courses work.

Taking Courses Video
Taking Courses Video
If you want a more detailed explanation on how to take one of our courses, click on the image to the left to watch a video on how to sign up for a course, otherwise just follow the directions below.

If you have never taken a course here before, here are the detailed instructions on how to sign up for a course.

  1. First you must sign up as a student to get a student account by clicking the "Register" link above and filling out the registration form.
  2. Then you must log into your student account by selecting the "Login" link above.
  3. You then click on the "Course Catalog" link in the menu bar above.
  4. A course catalog will be displayed, and you click on course number of the course you desire to take.
  5. You will then see a description of the course, just like this one.
  6. There will be button on the bottom of the course description that says "Register for course". Click this button and the course will show up on your list of courses, which can be accessed by clicking the "My Courses" link above.
  7. To start taking the course, you just click on the course number in your list of courses.

When you leave your student account, the last course and your position in the course is retained in our servers, and clicking the right arrow on the bottom of the page will continue with the course you left at the place you left.

To register for this course, you must have a student account.

If you have a student account select "Register for Course" and if you do not have a student account select "Create Student Account" and return to this page to register for the course


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