UNC102 - Basic Uncertainty Analysis

This course is on basic uncertainty analysis and expands on the material covered in UNC101. This course requires one concept from calculus, the derivative, but that concept will be introduced for those who have not seen it, but one is not expected to be proficient with the concept in this course. The prerequisites for this course are completion of MEAS101 and UNC101, although there will be a short review of the concepts required, and a basic understanding of algebra and trigonometry. The course outline is as follows:

The student should be able to understand and develop relatively simple uncertainty analysis when completed with this course, but will not have sufficient understanding for the more complicated uncertainty analysis that one may encounter in precision measurements and in metrology. This course will lay the foundation required to continue on with the other courses in this series which cover more complicated situations.

This course covers some of the ASQ CCT body of knowledge and is worth 0.2 Recertification Unis (RU) towards ASQ CCT recertification.

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