Subscription Cost - $5(US)/month

Can you believe it? Most can't. is a subscrition-based training service. The cost for access to all our online courses is $5(US)/month or $60(US)/year!

Yes, that is the cost. There is nowhere else that you can receive the type of training we provide for anywhere near that cost. How can we do it? Well, we can't give away all our secrets. Suffices to say our overhead is extremely low. What do you get for your subscription?

  • Access to all online courses in our course catalog

  • Access to your resume and training record for you and potential employers

  • Access to other subscriber-only content

  • Ability to join our consultant network

  • Ability to bid on tasks posted for our consultant network

Your subscription pays for our hosting and bandwidth costs, the costs associated with continuous development of new course material, and the continuation of our video podcast, We only ask a nominal fee so that we can continue to operate and grow the service to be more useful to our customers.

How Do I Pay?

When you register as a student, and when you enter the student site, you will be given two options, you can either pay $5/month for a year, or you can pay $60 annually to subscribe. We provide both options, because our customers have requested it.

When your subscription expires, you will again be presented with the option to subscribe whenever you login to your student account.

If you are an employer and wish to pay for multiple accounts, let us know in advance, and we will work out the payment method. Basically all we need is a list of accounts that you are paying for, and we will send an electronic invoice for the total amount.

How Do I Register as a Student?

To register as a student, fill out the form below:

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For access to the student area, just pick a username and password, and provide an email address so that we can contact you with further details.
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