Article and Course Content Submission

If you would like to submit a technical article or paper for inclusion on, we will gladly consider placing it on our site. We also welcome anyone who wishes to develop course content, or submit a technical article.

We are looking for articles in any technical area, including, but not limited to:

Follow the guidelines below for your submissions. Submit all articles or course content to The content will be peer reviewed, and, if approved, you will be notified.

Articles and Technical Papers

Submissions must either be word documents or HTML. If HTML, all images must be in a directory named "images", and links in your article must be of the form <img src="./images/yourimage.jpg">, and the article must be in .zip or .gz format. There can be no scripts or includes. Links to your content may be included, but if you do not want to be framed by our frameset, put a 'target="_new"' attribute in your links. There can be no banner ads, no text ads, just links to your own content. Articles can not have forms to submit information. We will add a link to our CSS file for our site.

Articles must have biographical information on the author(s). Articles must have a reference section, the reference section can contain links to the reference material.

Articles or papers submitted for inclusion may be edited by, and the author shall agree to give up his rights to the content in order to be published. New articles will be announced in our newsletter.

Course Content

Course content can be submitted to in the form of PowerPoint presentations. In addition to the course content, the author must submit the following in either PowerPoint, Word, or HTML format: A course outline page, a course description page, and a course reference page. If submitted in HTML format, no images will be allowed. You may not put links to your content in the course materials themselves, but the course outline page, the course description page, and on the course reference pages. These pages will be placed in an area of the site available for non-subscribers, reachable by web spiders. The first and last pages of a course can have a reference to who generated the course, and a mention links to the site are present on the reference page for the course. This reference can contain address, phone number, biographical informations, etc., but no links.

The author shall agree to give up his rights to the course content in order to be published, and may be edited by