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Technical Training and Consulting November 2005

Course Announcement: WWW103 - Introduction to CSS

WWW103 - Introduction to CSS is now complete. This is an introductory course that is third in a series of web-development courses.

Continuing on with the foundation built in WWW102-Basic HTML we will continue on with the subject of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Upon completion of the course the student should know:

  • How to link to external style sheets
  • How to create embedded stylesheets
  • How to use inline style sheets
  • What are CSS selectors
  • Understand classes and pseudo-classes
  • Hyperlinks in CSS
  • Units of measure for CSS
  • Some of the CSS Rule Properties

This is an introductory course, together with WWW102 - Basic HTML, that should allow the student to develop their own personal web page, and develop the foundation for our more advanced courses.