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Technical Training and Consulting March 2005

Course Announcement: WWW101 - Creating a Web Presence

WWW101 - Creating a Web Presence is ready for testing. This is a survey course that is first in a series of web-development courses.

In this course we will briefly go over some of the topics to consider in creating a web presence. Most of the material mentioned in this course is covered in other courses on LearningMeasure.com. This course is intended to be an overview of the topic.

The topics covered are:

  • Getting a Domain Name - Important for people to find your material on the web
  • Web hosting - Your website must exist on some computer somewhere
  • Domain Name Service (DNS) - DNS is required for computers to find where your website is hosted
  • E-mail - An important part of your web presence
  • Content Providers - You don't need to perform all of the work!
  • CGI Scripts - Important for dynamic content and interaction with your customers
  • Backup and Recovery - An important thing to consider in building your web presence
  • Promotion - You have a site, but if nobody knows about it, nobody will see it.

This course is intended for those interested in developing their own web presence. There are no prerequisites.