LearningMeasure.com Newsletter

Technical Training and Consulting March 2005

Status Report for March 2005

Since this is the first of the LearningMeasure.com newsletter, it seemed appropriate to give a little status report of the development of LearningMeasure.com.

LearningMeasure.com is still under development, we have many areas of the website that are functional, and we thought it would be a good idea to give an overview of what is happening.


Of course the backbone of this site is the courses. Most courses require a test to pass. Passing means an 80% score or better on the final exam. When you pass a course, it is entered on your training record which is visible to you, or anyone you designate as able to see your information.

The following courses are complete and are ready for "beta testing":

  • EE101 - Basic DC Circuit Theory
  • WWW101 - Creating a web presence.

The courses that have content but are not complete (maybe call these "alpha test" ready) are:

  • LM102 - How to use your e-mail account
  • MATH110 - Introduction to Complex Arithmetic
  • MATH119 - Functions, Limits, and Continuity
  • MEAS101 - Introduction to Measurement Concepts
  • MEAS404 - Introduction to Antenna Concepts
  • UNC101 - Introduction to Uncertainty Concepts
  • WWW102 - Basic HTML

Course development is our first priority, but we have to also develop other parts of the website to support course development.

Message Forums

Message forums are a method of interacting with other users of learningmeasure.com. Each course also has its own message forum where questions can be asked about the course material of the course author and your fellow students. There are forums on several technical topics, and new forums can be requested at any time. The message forums are fully functional, and can be accessed by clicking on the "Forum" button when logged into your account, or from the "Resources" page.

Chat Rooms

Although not functional at this time, we will be adding chat rooms for direct interaction with other customers of LearningMeasure.com. When implemented, the chat rooms will be accessible through the "Resources" buttons.

Job Search, Resume Posting, and Training Records

You can post your resume on LearningMeasure.com, it is visible to any employer who does a resume search, to your designated employer, and any employer that you apply for a job with. Along with your resume, a training record is created that shows LearningMeasure courses passed, plus any training you or your employer may wish to add.

Employers who wish to use LearningMeasure.com can use us to keep track of their employees training, not just from LearningMeasure.com. What is entered into the employee training record by the employer can not be edited by the employee.

For employers we have resume search capability, a job database for employees to post job openings, and we are developing a consultant database where employers could post small jobs, and consultants can bid on them.


As soon as you register with LearningMeasure.com as a student or employer, an e-mail account is created. This is fully functional. You can access your e-mail through the web at http://www.learningmeasure.com/cgi-bin/webmail, through your favorite e-mail client, or from your account by clicking the "My E-Mail" button.

Web Resource Library

A collection of scripts, articles, technical papers, and links to other sites that relate to existing course material. Kind of a mini-Yahoo, with only a small number of selected links that deal with course topics. It is our intent that this be a useful reference area for engineers, technicians, webmasters, educators, and the technically minded. The material will always be hand-selected to cover topics covered by our course material.

Web Services

We will offer our customers web services such as DNS, domain name registration, e-mail, webhosting, web page design, script development and other web-related services. These services will either be provided directly by learningmeasure.com or through one of our consultants.


We will offer consulting services in several technical areas. Among them are

  • Antenna, RF and Microwave Engineering
  • Metrology and Measurement
  • Radar
  • Systems engineering
  • Software Development
  • Signal Processing
  • Web Development

These areas, plus areas covered by our consultant network, will be available for employers.

Consultant, Educator, and Employer Services

The details of these sections of the website will be the topic of a future article.

The Arcade

It is our intent to have some on-line games, just so our customers can relax a bit. We are still investigating options for this area.