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Technical Training and Consulting November 2005

Course Announcement: MEAS403 - Basic RF and Microwave Noise Measurement

MATH110 - Introduction to Measurement Concepts is complete. This is part of the in the measurement training series.

In this course the following will be covered:

  • Definition of Noise Temperature
  • Difference between Noise Temperature and Physical Temperature
  • Definition of Excess Noise Ratio (ENR)
  • Y-factor technique for noise measurement
  • The use of adapters and attenuation in noise measurement
  • The effect of reflections in noise measurement
  • Putting it all together - an example system
  • Definition of Noise Factor and Excess Noise Ratio
  • Definition of Noise Figure
  • The Noise Factor of Cascaded 2-ports
  • Measurement of Noise Figure

The prerequisites for this course are completion of EE104 or prior understanding of basic RF and microwave measurements, and complex arithmetic, and MEAS101.