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Technical Training and Consulting November 2005

Course Announcement: MATH110 - Introduction to Complex Arithmetic

MATH110 - Introduction to Complex Arithmetic is complete. This is part of the in the mathematics training series.

The purpose of this course is to give a rudimentary explanation of complex numbers and how you manipulate them. Complex numbers arise in many applications, and quite often in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and measurement applications. Upon completing this course you should understand:

  • what a complex number is, and how its related to real numbers
  • what is meant by real and imaginary parts of a complex number
  • polar representation of complex numbers (magnitude and phase)
  • the euler formula
  • how to convert from polar to cartesion representations
  • know what is meant by complex conjugate
  • how to add and subtract two complex numbers
  • how to multiply and divide two complex numbers
  • how to raise a complex number to an integer power
  • how to define selected elementary functions for complex numbers
  • a few applications of complex numbers

If you are an engineer or have at least a BS in a technical field, this could serve as a review or reference. This course is primarily for technicians or interested persons who do not have a background in complex numbers, so that they can function in test environments that utilize measurements of and calculations involving complex quantities. This course, however, is a prerequisite for some of the courses that require familiarity with complex arithemetic.