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Technical Training and Consulting November 2005

Course Announcement: EE103 - Introduction to the decibel (dB)

EE103 - Introduction to the decibel is complete. This is part of the in the basic electronics series.

The purpose of this course is to introduce the concept of the decibel (dB). By the time the student completes this course, the following concepts will have been introduced.

  • Introduction to logarithmic units
  • The Logarithm and its properties
  • Definition of the decibel and related units
  • Conversion between dB and Linear Units
  • Calculations with decibels
  • Examples of the usage of dB
  • The Use of decibels in Formulae
  • The Expression of Uncertainties in dB

If you are an engineer or have at least a BS in a technical field, this could serve as a review or reference. This course is primarily for technicians or interested persons who do not have a background in electronics, so that they can function in test environments that utilize measurements of and calculations involving decibels. This course, however, is a prerequisite for some of the courses that require familiarity with the decibel.

The student is assumed to have some knowledge of Algebra.