Metrology Training is all about measurement, and metrology is the foundation of all measurement. We have many training courses specifically designed for the metrology field.

Of particular interest to the metrology community would be the ASQ Certified Calibration Technician (CCT) preparation program. At we have individual courses, and what we call programs, which are a series of courses related to a specific topic. When one signs up for a program, one signs up for all the courses associated with that program, and they are listed in your "My Courses" screen in the recommended order to take them. The ASQ CCT preparation program covers most of the ASQ CCT body of knowlege.

The specific courses in the program covers the following broad topics:

The ASQ CCT program specific courses are listed below. There are other courses available in the course catalog that cover specific topics of interest that can be used to supplement this program.

If a specific area that you have interest is not covered, we thrive on feedback of our customers letting us know specifically what you would like to see us develop. Many of the existing training was developed because of customer requests. We also have the ability, through our network of consultants, to provide live training if desired. The timing depends on whether the course has been previously developed or if it has to be developed from scratch.

Cost and Payment


We are a subscription based service with access to all the courses for a subscription price of $5/month or $60/year per student. After you register, you will be given the option to either select and annual payment of $60 or a monthly payment of $5 when you login to your student account.

The ASQ CCT Exam Preparation Program

The ASQ Certified Calibration Technician (CCT) exam preparation program covers the body of knowledge (BOK) required for passing the exam. The following courses are part of the program:

I. General Metrology

II. Measurement Systems

III. Calibration Systems

IV. Measurement Uncertainty and Applied Math

*Not actually part of the CCT BOK, but required for one of the courses that covers AC circuit theory.

V. Quality Systems and Standards

NOTE: There are still courses under development that cover other parts of the ASQ CCT Body of Knowledge. This program will be upgraded as each of these courses is brought online.

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