Electrical Engineering Calculators

This page will contain various electrical engineering related calculators. These calculators will open in a new window. Each calculator has been written to supplement course content. These calculators can be bookmarked for use anytime.

  • Ohm's Law Calculator - Given any two of Resistance, Voltage, Current, or Power, this computes the other two.
  • dB Ratio Calculator - Given any of dB Ratio, Power Ratio, or Voltage Ratio, this computes the other two.
  • Friis Transmission Equation - Determines the power coupling between two antennas
  • Reflection Calculator - Converts between impedance magnitude, reflection coefficient, return loss, and VSWR
  • Cascade Noise Figure Calculator - Computes the noise figure of two cascaded 2-ports. Can be used with more than two stages, as the result of one calculation becomes the first stage for the next calculation.