Taking a Course Instructions

The main emphasis of this site is on-line training, so it is important that one can get through one of our courses. To take one of our courses, the following steps must be accomplished.

  1. Register for the course - You must register for a course before you can take it. If you need instructions on how to do this click here

  2. Login to your student account - You must login to your student account before you can take any course.

  3. Click on the "My Courses" link - On the left navigation bar click on the "My Courses" link. This step may not be necessary if the list of registered courses comes up initially. Most of the time this will, unless there is a major announcement that is shown first. This will bring up a table of the courses you are registered for.

  4. Click on the course number - Click on the course number to return to the course. If this is your first time it will show the first page of the course. If you started the course previously, it will come up on the page you were at when you left the course last. Your position in each course is retained in our servers to determine where to start when you log in.

  5. Use the course navigation buttons - On the bottom of the screen, there are navigation buttons for going through the course. The left and right arrows move you one page at a time through the course. The index button brings up a course outline that you can use to jump to specific parts of the course. The exam button takes you directly to the course final exam. The "Ref" button brings up a list of supplemental reference material for the course.

  6. Take the Exam - Almost all of our courses have a final exam. If a score of 80% correct or better is obtained, the course is passed, and a notation will be entered in your training record indicating the course was passed and the date.

It is highly recommended that you first register for "LM101 - How to take one of our courses". This course will lead you through how to navigate through our courses, and tells about all the features.