Site Navigation Instructions

The Menu Bar

There is a menu above that is used to navigate this site. Some of the navigation is through text links, which should be self-explanatory, but there are also icons that are used for navigation. Not all the icons mentioned here are on each menu, as they are somewhat context-sensitive.

Home Click on the house icon to return to the home page of
Mail Click on the envelope icon to access the web-based e-mail.
News Click on the newspaper icon to access a context-sensitive news page.
Calendar Click on the calendar icon to access the event calendar.
My Info Click on this icon to change your account information.
Help Click on this icon to access help.

Page Feedback or Questions

comment On any page where this icon appears, you will be able to click the icon and a form will appear that you will be able to comment, make recommendations, or ask questions about that page. Typically it will appear in the upper left hand corner of the page.

Course Navigation

When you login to your student account, after you selected the course you want to take from your "My Courses" screen, you navigate through the course with the following buttons:

previousIndexnext Reset Course Take Exam Reference Page

These buttons are located on the bottom of the page as long as you are logged into your student account. You can navigate to other screens in your student account, and clicking on these controls will navigate you to wherever you would be as if you were where you were when you were last in the course.

Click on the left arrow to navigate backwards through the course to the previous page, and the right arrow to navigate forward through the course to the next page.

Click on the word "Index" ("Index" button) to get to an index for the modules of this course.

The "Reset" button will start the course over, returning to the first page.

The "Exam" button will jump directly to the final exam.

The "Ref" button will take you to a list of references that are relevant to the course material.