Course Registration Instructions

The main emphasis of this site is on-line training, so it is important that one can register and take one of our courses. To register for one of our courses, the following steps must be accomplished.

  1. Register as a new student - You have to have a student account at before you can take any courses. After the trial period, only people who's subscriptions have not lapsed may take our courses. To register as a new student click on "Register" above, select the link "Register as a Student", and follow the instructions.

  2. Login to your student account - In order to register for a class, you must first login to your student account. This is accomplished by selecting "Student" above and pressing "Go", and then entering in your username and password. Although you can look at the class catalog from the home page, you can only register for a course after you have entered your username and password, and are in the student area of this site.

  3. Click on the "Course Catalog" link - On the left navigation bar, click on the "Courses Catalog" link, this will bring up a course catalog.

  4. Click on the course number - Click on the course number for the course you are interested in from the course catalog. This will bring up a short description of the course.

  5. Click on the "Register for course" button" - On the bottom of the course description you will see a button that has the text "Register for course" on it. Click on this button to register for the course. This completes the registration process.

It is highly recommended that you first register for "LM101 - How to take one of our courses". This course will lead you through how to navigate through our courses, and tells about all the features.