LearningMeasure.com Consultant Network

Welcome to the Learningmeasure.com consultant login page. LearningMeasure.com is developing a consultant network. This network is available for individuals and businesses to use for contract work. We specifically looking for a wide range of subject matter experts who can both provide consulting services, but also be able to develop course content consistent with LearningMeasure.com's vision.

If you are an employer or individual interested in asking for a bid for contract work, please go to the employer section of LearningMeasure.com, and register as an employer. You can then post a request for bid. Please be as specific as possible, and LearningMeasure.com will forward the request to the members of our network.

If you are an individual interested in becoming part of our consulting network, register as a new student, post your resume and enter any degrees, certifications, or other items into your training record, and send an e-mail to webmaster@learningmeasure.com requesting to be part of our consultant network. Please, include your username, or we will not be able to get back with you. You will be contacted by someone from LearningMeasure.com with the details. In a nutshell, LearningMeasure.com will require that any consultant in the LearningMeasure.com network maintain their student account ($60/year) and a 2% fee for non-LearningMeasure.com contract work assigned through the LearningMeasure.com consultant network will be charged. This and the remaining details will be provided in the consultants contract with LearningMeasure.com.